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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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michael jackson was the top search and followed by brittany spears. the number two was twilight followed by wwe. and number four is megan fox. and a japanese cartoon was on the list, and kim kardashian and nascar and room escape an online game. there's your top 10 yahoo searches for 2009. time to turn things over to tony and allison. i tried to search your names a million times to try to get your name on there. >> maybe next year. much more ahead in the real news in the 9:00 hour. is this real news? i'm not sure. state dinner crashers, we'll still talking about them. now they have grabbed national headlines for crashing the white housestate dinner. now this couple has broken their silence. they did it on network tv earlier this morning. we'll tell what you they have
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to say about all of the attention. also coming up, in vitro meat is what this is called. scientists have created pig meat in a test tube. >> you make it sound so good. >> that will be tasty. they grew pork muscle in a pietrie dish and some say this could have positive implications in terms of world hunger. so we'll have to see. also holiday decorations. it seems like we talk about this more and more. but one local town council is saying no to holiday displays. do they have any holiday spirit? some people are upset and they want to celebrate how they want to celebrate and they say no elected officials made this move. so we'll talk about that. and more on fox 5 morning news at 9:00. tucker barnes is here with the latest on this morning's cold forecast. good morning tucker. >> cold temperatures across the area. upper 20s and low 30s. even at this hour we should see
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a nice warm up as the nshine starts to lift if the atmosphere. 36 right now at reagan national. we were cold overnight. we had 20s off to the west. 32 at dulles and 34 in frederick. and fredericksberg was 32 degrees. a very illy start. clear skies overnight that helped with radiational cooling and that's the reason we've had these cold temperatures as things have changed during past 24 hours. there is your morning satellite radar. a lot of clear skies expected, it should be a light and sunny day. a lot of weather up in upstate new york and pennsylvania. we should be in for quiet weather here today and changes tomorrow. enjoy today. lots of sunshine but cool, highs in the low 50s, 52 here in town and winds out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour. i mentioned we'll see changes in the way of rain showers and i'll let you know when they arrive and cooler temperatures, even colder than this, on the way.
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back to you guys. well can i tell you this has been the most devastating thing that's ever happened to us. we're greatly sadenned by all of the circumstances that have been involved in portraying my wife and i as party crashers and i can tell yowe did not party crash the white house. >> well the virginia couple who showed up to the obama administration's state dinner at the white house allegedly uninvited breaks their silence. >> the salahis deny wrongdoing and were seen shaking the hands of the president. it turns out their attendance at another high security event is also being called into question and matt acland joins us by phone from northwest with more on this top story. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and tony. i want to give you an idea of what is taking place. we're in georgetown the four seasons hotel and the salahis were here giving that interview this morning and we believe
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they're still here. right now there is probably a dozen, maybe even more photographers, waiting outside of the hotel hoping get some kind of comment from the couple should they leave here. we were not sure if they may have snuck out the back, but at this point, we've got the area staked out so we'll bring that to you if he can in an interview later. as you guys were talking about this, just a few notes from the interview, they said their lives had been destroyed, they claim they were invited to this state dinner and they were not crashers and they went on to say they were working with the secret service through all of this and that they have documentation and e-mails that prove that they were invited to the state dinner. take a listen to this interview -- part of the interview here. >> unfortunately we've been mischaracterized through the
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media and other paparazzi forums and our homes have been invaded and it's been devastating to us. >> we are cooperating extensively with the u.s. secret service on their internal review in their investigation that they're doing internally. we're proud to be working with them and they have great -- we have great respect for the us secret service and the presidency and president obama and we'll continue to cooperate and the truth will soon come out. >> reporter: the couple were also asked about a story we broke here on fox 5 last night regarding something that happened on september 26th, the black caucus foundation awards dinner. as we reported, the couple apparently snuck into that event and the way they got in was through a side door that the caterers use. this morning when they were asked about that, they denied that and said they were invited to that event on september 26th and they claim they were not escorted out. tony and allison, here at the
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four seasons oatel and waiting for the couple to exit the hotel at this point and if they do, you know we'll ask them a couple of questions if they allow us to. >> all right, matt acland in georgetown at the four seasons. thank you very much, sir. now to a developing story. this is out of washington state. the man wanted in connection with the shooting deaths of four police officers in a coffee shop outside of takoma on sunday has himself been shot to death by police officer. an officer found maurice clemons hiding out in a stolen vehicle on a seattle street this morning. that officer shot and killed clemons after he refused to surrender. he had been on the run for past two days, police say with the help of family and friends who misled authorities and those accomplices could face charges. police aren't sure if he targeted the four officers but they say he did have a problem with police in general. the man accused of opening fire inside the holocaust
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museum may never actually go to court. during a hearing yesterday, james von brunn's lawyer said his medical condition makes it difficult for him to travel to court from north carolina. he's in a federal hospital there. he's accused of killing a guard during the ambush and was shot in the face. neighbors on an alert after a disturbing crime in dupont circle. police say a 22-year-old woman was raped inside her apartment on n. street early yesterday morning. they say the suspect broke in while she was sleeping and made off with a laptop computer and a cell phone. d.c. crime mapping shows that in the past year vile -- kyleent crime is up. there's been no rape cases until now. >> you're not going to stop crime but the best you can do is deflect it and move it to some other place. lock your place up and lock your skylight and the back door. >> well it's scary. and it's making me think twice about going out and what times and also maybe going out with
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some neighbors or a group. >> in this latest case, investigators dusted for fingerprints. police are searching for the suspect. the new smoking ban in the commonwealth in affect. restaurants will be allowed to have a smoking area but only if there are separate ventilation systems. some establishments are opting o create special nonsmoking rooms and others have band it altogether. the d.c. city council is expected to vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage in the district. the archdiocese says it will no longer accept millions of dollars in city funds for crucial social services if the current legislation passes. city leaders met late last night to try to treat the law wording to having to keep the church from recognizing same- sex marriages. more backlash from the teacher layoffs in the district. many of the educators who lost
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their jobs are attempting to fight back. at the people's cong regularal church, the union brought in paperwork for the appeal process. last week a judge ruled the school's chancellor did have the authority to fire hundreds of teachers. metro access is retiring 32 employees ashes part of a compromise in union negotiations. drivers used phones to stay in touch with the dispatch center to transport people with disabilities. in july metro claimed any employee caught using a cell phone while operating a metro vehicle would be fired on the first offense. 9:07 now. several maryland households remain without wer this morning because of this messy scene at gail and high view streets in kinsington. a 10-inch water main broke yesterday. crews had to use backhoes to clean up the area. it's at the top of a steep hill
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and it helped to funnel water away from the homes and keep it on the road. our other big story this morning. it's been three months in the making. later today the president will unveil his new strategy for afghanistan. >> he will address the nation from the u.s. military academy at west point. this morning the president talked with hamid karzai by video conference to discuss the new strategy. fox's doug luzader explains. >> reporter: the president's inner circle learned about this plan over the weekend and today he is going to have to sell it to a doubting public and a divided congress. the president has been quietly briefing allies about his decision. yesterday he met with australian prime minister kevin rudd. now the new strategy for afghanistan will become public and the president is expected to announce that some 30,000 u.s. roops will be headed there, with an exit in mind. >> this is not an open-ended commitment. that we are there to partner
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with the afghans, to train the afghan national security forces. >> reporter: there are significant risks. the new strategy relies on an afghan government that has been regarded as corrupt. and it will most certainly involve more u.s. casualties and impearl the rest of the president's agenda. >> and he's staking a lot of his presidency on this war with 100,000 troops likely to be in afghanistan. that's a powerful testament to his commitment. >> reporter: a commitment he'll have to sell to congress. tonight he'll meet with cong regularal leaders and tomorrow hillary clinton and robert gates are scheduled to head to capitol hill to push the strategy. and many democrats there are not going to roll over to foot the bill. >> bringing in and forcing us to either find other programs to cut or to have the guts, if we need to, to raise the taxes. >> reporter: it will take many months to add all of tease troops but some could deploy pretty soon. there could be some marines
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arriving in afghanistan before christmas. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the president will reveal his new strategy live from west point military academy tonight at 8:00. we'll have live coverage of the address right here on fox 5. again that starts at 8:00. it's a disease that affects tens of millions across the world and kills millions each year. today advocates are working to educate the world about the severity of the hiv aids. up next a woman talks about her fight and more about world aids day. and several kids attacked because of the color of their hair. we'll talk about this disturbing story more ahead. much more coming up this morning. we're back in just three minutes. 
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statistics are jarring. more than 33 million people are living with aids worldwide and
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more than 25 million people have died since 1981, including 2 million last year. it's numbers like these that have health officials working to raise awareness about hiv and aids every day but especially today which is world aids day. george mason holdingn event. more than 100 squares from its aids memorial quilt will be on display and open to the general public. joining us live this morning is haddia broad bent, the keynote speaker at today's event. thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> and i know you have a big day in front of you and you're going to be the keynote speaker today. so for hose of you who don't know you, tell us about yourself. i understand you contracted hiv at birth. you've been living with it now for 22 -- 25 years. >> that's right. >> and tell me about your life and living with hiv and aids.
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>> i was born with hiv. my mother was a iv drug user who passed it on to me. i was diagnosed at 3 and they said i wouldn't live to be 5 and i'm 25 now. i have seen so many people that felt like they had to hide the fact that they were living with aids and i just wanted to make a difference for myself and to be able to say i have aids and not fear anyone. but as i got older, i noticed people were doing things and putting themselves at risk and they weren't -- they didn't know how they could become infected so i became an educator, a peer educator to let people know what is safe and what is not. in this day in age, in 2009, this is a preventible disease. with all of the education and information that we have, nobody has to choose hiv unless the choice is made for us. but that is not even a reason. we need to go and get tested with your partner. you need to know your status. and that's basically why i'm
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speaking, to let people know that basically they have a choice and to get educated, to get tested and know they're status. >> over the years how has your message changes and how has reaction to you changed? because i remember quite clearly 25 years ago people were rather panicked about the disease and afraid of people who had the disease and all of that. as you say, it seems like over the years in some ways people have let their guard down in many instances. >> well now our message is pretty much safe sex. to use protection. a lot of people believe now because people are not dying rapidly, even though people are still dying, they feel like oh, well if i get hiv, i get aids, i can just take a pill and it will be okay. well, yes, there is medication that prolongs your life but this medication is very expensive and a lot of people don't have health care. so if you don't have health care, how will you afford this medication that costs from $400
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to $700 a month and you're not just taking one pill. you take about 3 pills and you have to take these every day for the rest of your life. so people assume they can just pop a pill and they'll be okay. yes, you can make medication, but why take it when you don't have to become infected with hiv. >> and the mess ang i'm getting -- the message i'm getting from you is this is a serious disease. whether you can take a pill or not. >> and i know there are some 100 panels of the aids quilt are on display. can you tell me about that and can the general public come out and see that display as well? >> yes. anybody can come out. the event is open to the public. the aids memorial quilt are panels that loved ones make for someone they've lost from aids or complications of aids. so they're on display and this kind of makes this a little bit more real for someone who may not have known somebody in
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their life with aids or lost anybody. but when you see these panels that people designed for their family or friends, it kind of hits home and lets you know this is very real and it's not a joke and we need people to think about what they do before they do it. yes, you can live many years and you can live a full life with the advancement of medication, but what we want people to know is if you have a choice, please stay hiv and aids free. >> it's an important message. thank you for sharing it with us this morning and today at george mason university. thank you very much. and the witman walker clinic is observing world aids today with its annual candlelight vigil tonight at 5:30 at dupont circle. and free confidential hiv testing will be available all day at the elizabeth taylor medical center in northwest. the max robinson center in southeast and the montgomery
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county department of health and human services avenue in silver spring. in anne arundel county, free hiv testing is avail rabble from noon until 6:00 tonight in annapolis. results there take just 20 minutes and walk-ins are welcome. there will be a memorial service at 6:00 p.m. at the church and a candle light walk through annapolis at 6:30. and also several howard university student organizations are commemorating aids day by forming a ribbon. the program also includes reciting the hiv pledges and a testimonial from a special guest. and in other news, long hours and weekend as head for congress as they work on a health care bill. the debate started yesterday with jabs from both sides as republicans called the nearly $1 trillion billet sham and democrats are saying republicans offer no solutions. bill needs 60 votes to pass.
9:22 am
the same number of seats democrats control but senator mark warner said he is not a sure bet. >> listen, i would like to get the bill to the point where i could suppose tort. it i need to see improvements and ways we'll start to drive down our health care costs. >> a congressional budget expert says the health care bill on the floor was lower the average price of insurance premiums if it passes. there is a new beer on the market but it's also banned in 13 states. we'll tell you why and let you know if you can find it here in our area. and holly is getting ready for chrtmas and working with a christmas classic. holiday. >> reporter: good morning, tony. i'm spending the morning with the washington ballet where they are gearing up for the annual nut cracker. coming up, we have two performers that will talk to us and perform for us and i'll tell you how to get tickets and give you a great christmas gift idea as well.
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and our trivia question. this one is visual. which country does this flag represent? is it, morocco, albania or somali. if you think you know it head to our facebook page. >> wow, that one is hard. (announcer) pillsbury grands! biscuits, so warm and fluffy. make the most out of the most important meal of the day. made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur.
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ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. as if black friday weren't enough, shoppers spent monday scouring the internet for more details. nine out of ten retailers rolled out discounts for online shopping. the web firm core metrics says cyber monday sales were up 11%. hundreds of online retailers are even extending deals through december. >> i'll there different deals and promotions and sales, all the way up until when they can't ship any more and still get the product there in time
9:27 am
for christmas. >> online sales generally account for 10% of the total holiday shopping. a new month of trading and investors hope december looks as good as november did. stocks saw the best monthly performance since the summer. the dow and s&p 500 both rose more than 5% in november. debt trouble for dubai left investors anxious and worried but now they are breathing easier. that could change with the recent credit crisis on the mind of americans. >> i think certainly the repercussions are that investors around the globe are wondering whether 2010 will be similar to 2008. >> the market is also being spurred by a weakening u.s. dollar, that makes american goods cheaper overseas and in higher demand. general electric is buying a 20% stake in nbc universal. it would give ge a 51% stake in ge and pave the way for the
9:28 am
company to turn around and sell that majority stake to comcast. ge is looking to recover losses in the capital unit. the deal was expected to be announced weeks ago but negotiations took longer than expected. we continue to follow the drama surrounding tiger woods. he's still not talking to police and now he's hanging up his golf clubs for the year. we have details. plus until death to us part. it could be a reality if one person gets his way. why he's working to ban divorce. the story on fox 5 morning news. i have no idea. mooomm. i know that one. (announcer) some things a mom just... ...knows. like when they call for..., you turn to us. triaminic thin strips. each strip is pre-measured, so you know you're giving... ...the accurate dose of medicine, everytime. it's the number one pediatric brand ... (child coughs) ...committed only to children's cold symptoms. put your trust in triaminic.
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we've got a couple of odd food stories to tell you about. the maker of samuel adams has come up with a new beer with an alcohol content so high its banned in 13 states. the beer called utopia has 27% alcohol by volume exceeding the legal limit for beer in more than a dozen states.
9:32 am
d.c., maryland and virginia aren't included on the list. the cost is $150 a bottle. >> is this beer? >> it seems to me you would have to be drinking it already to pay that much for a beer because you would have to be drink. and researchers this is netherlands are growing meat. they used cells from a live pig to grow pork cells in a pietrie dish. >> we ned to market this story differently. this is the headline, might be a cure for world hunger. >> you're right. >> pig meat in a pietrie dish. its hailed as a major break through in what is being called in vitro meat. it could help with world hunger and reduce animal suffering and help the environment. it's a three-fer. but what about the taste. it's still up in the air. labs prohibit scientists from tasting anything you create it. >> would you eat that? >> well if i was starving
9:33 am
maybe. >> if you poured it out, it would be like a hot dog. >> that's what they should label it as. pig sausage. pig pietrie sausage. >> i don't know if that will sell. we'll let you know more when it's closer to the market. >> odd food stories, you said that. chilly out there. chilly start to the day. temperatures back in the 20s. one of the coldest mornings so far. sort of fitting for december 1s i want to mention the hurricane season ended yesterday. nine storms in total and three hurricanes so our season was wal well bee -- well below average. and right now our temperatures are rebounding. 43 at reagan national. 39 at dulles. they were freezing earlier today. 34 in manassas. fredericksberg is nice with a warmup at 32 this hour. and 41 in leonardtown. across the bay, out towards stevensville, we're 43 and in cambridge, youare 45. so again, a lot of sunshine.
9:34 am
and if you look out your window, you'll say it's a beautiful day and it will be, just on the cool side for the next several hours. there is your satellite radar. can you see the clear skies overnight and that led to a lot of cooling. that's why we had the freezing temperatures. our storminess is off the coast. a little bit of snow, getting the lake affect snow. portions snow november portions of pennsylvania. and late this afternoon we'll see the in crease this area of pushes off to the coast and our next area of storminess will move in. so late tonight and tonight we'll see an increase in clouds and that wll set us up for a rainy one into thursday. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. a lot of sunshine out there. winds out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour. and take a look at the five-day forecast. tomorrow will be 53. gd chance we'll see some afternoon and evening rain. lingering into the day on
9:35 am
thursday. thursday temperatures will be in the upper 50s. that will be nice. and then a big cooldown for friday and saturday and tony and i have been keeping a close eye on saturday and it looks like we could have a coastal storm and we'll have to watch that carefully. >> what? don't try to bury that story. you've been doing that all day? >> because we don't want to alarm people. >> it might snow this weekend. >> and it probably won't. >> it probably won't. but it could. >> it might snow. >> if it does, it will be a lot. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> if it does. it is the accident making national headlines. everybody is talking about this. this photo is from tmz showing the damage to tiger woods' suv after friday mornings accident. he still has not talked to police. >> which is why i think people are continuing to talk about it. they're speculating. this morning we're learning tiger woods is calling it a year.
9:36 am
the golfer won't compete until the 2010 season. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: he won't be playing golf for at least a little while. tiger woods has dropped out of his own tournament, the chevron world hallenge scheduled to tee off this week. citing injuries from last week's car accident, he's announced on his website he won't compete until until 2010. >> obviously we all want to compete against tiger and beat tiger at his very best, so, yeah, it would be a nice opportunity this time of year to go head to head with him but it's not to be. >> reporter: woods hasn't commted on the circumstances behind the crash and also declined opportunities to speak with investigators. but for fellow golfers, that's not important. beating him is a different story. >> we'll miss him at his tournament and tiger is tiger. so that's the way it goes. >> reporter: he's hosted the tournament since 1999.
9:37 am
it's an invitation only that takes place inthousand oaks, california. but by skipping the challenge he eapes its circus-like atmosphere. >> there are 17 other guys i have to play against this week and i'm worried about myself. >> reporter: woods hasn't announced when he will play again but based on previous years he could return to action at the century country club in san diego from january 28th, through the 31st. ainsley earhart, fox news. tournament officials say fans who bought advanced tickets hoping see him could get refunds next week and those who keep their tickets could get 20% off for next year. >> and he's the first golfer to make a billion dollars so that is lucrative. grand slam tennis has laid
9:38 am
down the law. serena william was fines $82,500 for her profanity last summer and put on probation through 2011 at all grand slam tournaments. if she has another offense, the fine would more than double and she would then be barred from the u.s. open. it may be a case of life imitating art. three young boys are accused of cyber bullying or kicking red- haired students at a middle school in cala bass bass which is in l.a. in all four girls and three boys reported that they were shoved or kicked. investigators say the attacks were inspired by an episode of south park that paritiys that had cart man against freckled red haired ginger kids. in the spirit of protecting marriage, one california man is moving to ban divorce. he wanted to put a measure on the ballot last year, it's a
9:39 am
sarcastic response to banning gay marriage. its gaining support from gay activists and comedians. there are organizers on the facebook page and need 700,000 signatures on a petition by march. it is tuesday and that means new music is hitting store shelves. we'll look at new releases and big concerts that you just might want to get tickets to. >> and also a big announcement from a former first daughter. the news chelsea clinton shared via e-mail is coming up next. and first another look at today's trivia question. this one is a visual question for you. which country does this flag represent? is it, morocco, albania or male. the answer is coming up later. we'll be back in a moment. hme
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allison, i know you love this. we're back with some of the
9:43 am
albums dropping in stores and online today. farra heata is releasing her album. and you can pick up illativeo and also out with a new album, kiss. it's an explosive collection of classics and brand new tracks on their new cd called sonic boom. the boys have kicked off the north american -- the men. some of them have grandchildren. they kicked off the next leg of the world tour and its the first major tour since 2004 and marks the bands 35th anniversary. perhaps the smartest band ever because they wear the makeup. >> and remember when paul came in i think they're handsome without the make up. >> they look fine without it. and now to the dvd releases. fight at the museum will make a
9:44 am
great stocking stuffer and also called live at the smithsonian. it's part of the battle between man and machine in terminator salvation. another dvd. or pick up the first season of the fox show mental on dvd. >> can i say, kiss, they are rock stars. >> yes, they are. >> all the way. >> i love that. and a big congratulations to chelsea clinton, the former first daughter is now engaged. the 29-year-old daughter and current secretary of state hillary clinton will mary her long time boyfriend mark mezvinsky. they got engaged on thanksgiving and they announced it in an e-mail to their friends and no word on when the wedding will take place. >>hat's great. >> that is exciting. 29 is old now. >> yeah. >> it's hard to believe. it is not all holiday cheer this time of year. why one area town will go without a holiday town display unless something changes soon. >> and holly is out with the washington ballet as they are learning some steps -- or holly
9:45 am
is learning the steps to the nut cracker. her live report is coming up next. don't go anywhere. ♪
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9:47 am
( children giggling ) sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration.
9:48 am
tickets available now at in loudoun county, the christmas spirit was alive and well for years on the grounds of the county courthouse. >> and now there is a ban to exclude anything in the town square and some say it's putting a damper on the holidays. bob barnard explains how the controversial decision came to pass. >> reporter: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in the heart of leesberg, but not here on the courthouse grounds where citizens committee empowered by the loudoun county government has just put a ban on holiday displays. >> you don't see too many towns that have a nice preserved town
9:49 am
green like this and we want the crush and menorah to be here on the grounds. >> reporter: but the facilities and grounds committee of the loudoun county courthouse has decided the traditional town square will remain dark this season. >> i think at the moment we're in a very, very confused situation. we have a citizens committee that has made it so the grinch is enshryaned in leesberg. >> reporter: many pleaded with the supervisors to overrule the decision. >> the idea of taking away our religious freedoms are beginning and i'm grateful that we still live in our local county where our government will hear what we have to say. >> reporter: leesberg district supervisor kelly burk says she was at last week's meeting when the committee's new policy was announced. >> on tuesday, i believe it was, and they explaind it was a
9:50 am
matter of ground usage. it didn't have anything to do with separation of church and state but for a lot of people it does. >> the town of leesberg is able and willing thelp you if you need an alternate location. we don't have anything as prominent though as the corner of king and market. >> we have to decide that this policy of not allowing a 50 year tradition to continue is wrong and as a board we have to reverse it. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. the board of supervisors plans to change the new courthouse displays after consulting with the county judge who oversees that citizens committee. the national christmas tree will only be dark a few more days. it will be lit with big celebration on thursday night. the white house announced the lineup on monday. sheryl crow and common will perform along with jordan sparks. the president and the first lady will help to light the
9:51 am
tree. the u.s. capital christmas tree arrived on monday. the 85-foot spruce is from arizona. once it's up it will be decorated with 5,000 ornaments from arizona. nothing says holiday tradition like the nutcracker. >> this morning holly is learning about alignment, balance and posture with the washington ballet school as they get ready to perform the nutcracker. >> reporter: i think i am standing taller since i've been here this morning, working on my posture. if i'm learning, i'm learning from two of the best. you don't believe me? watch for yourself. [ music ] ♪
9:52 am
>> reporter: that's robert and tallia. they are playing the roles ever clara and the prince. and watching with a critical eye is sattine webber because he's the artistic director. as you watch them perform, what is going through your mind. it looked beautifully. >> rep. >> we have a week worth of rehearseles before the show opens so tweaking details. and they are capable of more and more clarity and more joy in the dancing and that's what we're working on. >> he makes you bitter, doesn't he. i want these two to come over here because they have been dancing for all morning long. tell me how old you are, robert. >> i'm 16. >> reporter: and you've been doing this reel for two years. and you tallia -- >> 17. >> reporter: i would never have guessed that. and that will serve you well when you get older and you've been doing ara for 3 years.
9:53 am
and your professionals in training. i think you're well on your way. and to do this role, though, to be a part of the nut cracker, what make this is more special than other roles? >> i would have to say just that holiday feeling. it's very warm. i love the nutcracker just for that. >> reporter: it gives back. the audience gives back and that helps fuel your performance. >> yes. just the magical aspect and the joy of the holiday season makes this role very special. >> reporter: we'll let her get into her role because she'll perform for us here in a second. ands with we do that, i want to ask you, when you are looking, these are professionals in training, what makes them so good? i know they work hard a lot, but there has to be a littlein nate talent in tal -- innate talent. >> there is training, like going to harvard or yale or
9:54 am
going to a important ballet school. and then there is the body and this other factor x and i think these kids have it. >> reporter: well let's let's watch factor x right now. [ music ] ♪
9:55 am
>> reporter: here is what you ed to know. to come out and see the nutcracker, the preview is going on at the arc in southeast from december 3rd through the 5th and then moving to the warner theater where the show will run from december 10th through the 27th. tickets start at $29. and while you're there, here is my christmas tip of the day. while you're there at the show, check out the sugar plum shop because this new book that just came out, it's the washington ballet nder land and it has gorgeous pictures and shows the lives of the washington ballet over the past decade. anybody would love to get this as a gift. back to you guys. >> thank you, holly and thank you to the dancers. they are impressive. >> really. and we need your help to make the holidays brighter for others. help us decorate the fox 5 christmas tree and make it more impressive than it is. send in your ornaments with your name and let us know why
9:56 am
the ornament is important to you. we'll donate the decorated tree to charity in the end. send your ornaments to the address there. it is 5151 wisconsin avenue, northwest, washington, d.c., 20016. and we have just added or are about to add a new ornament. from terry sule of hagerstown maryland. she sends this ornament in honor of bright beginnings. she says she doesn't have a story to tell but wants an angel to look out for all of those folks there at bright beginnings. she says may you have a blessed holiday. and terry we thank you for contributing to the tree and helping it make -- helping to make it look even more beautiful. >> she's playing a flute. that's cute. thank you. we'll be back in just a few moments with the answer to today's trivia question. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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